WOOD STOCK: Handcrafted Wooden Frames of Unique Quality and Spirit

Each piece of eyewear purchased from Wood Stock is custom-made, the fruit of craftsmanship and creativity that far exceeds exceeds mere utility, and is intended to endure, beautifully. All frames rae carefully measured, proportioned and fitted the each individual face, making each piece not only unique but uniquely the wearer's.

Throughout history wood has always played an important part in human life and development. You might say it's one of nature's miracle materials, in part because it's highly sustainable and has excellent applicable physical properties. And as an organic material from which we craft and build, it exudes a feeling of natural warmth and intimacy, which in turn gives it a special, unique power.
In this spirit Wood Stock taps into the very special qualities of this magical material to create an innovative line of wooden frames for sunglasses and prescription glasses. All of these fine frames exhibits a colorful array of features and characteristics that set them well apart from the rest. Each piece is made with great care precision and care, exploiting a wealth of manual skills by a single person, from start to finish. Such individual craftsmanship, unlike the conventional products of mass production, gives rise to objects of real beauty, and which boast unsurpassed ergonomics in fine crafted eyewear.
At Wood Stock each piece of wood is carefully selected, screened and treated. All Wood Stock products are made from both quality indigenous Slovenian woods as well as exotic foreign species, which provides compelling chromatic qualities and interesting, seductive grain structures.

All components used in the manufacture of Wood Stock glasses are of the highest standard, from certified wood (FSC-certified) and fully adjustable spring-hinges that allow full user-customization and exert minimal pressure on the face, to finely-crafted lenses by the world's leading manufacturers like Carl Zeiss and Hoya.
Wood Stock builds on qualities like close attention to detail, environmental sustainability and awareness, and providing users with special, affordable quality to distinguish itself, with the aim of becoming a widely recognized brand in specialty eyewear.

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