VISIONECT: The Vision that Connects

Visionect is the market leader in digital signage. It has developed an ultra-low power display platform that uses 99% less power than LCD or LED technologies and enables the use of digital displays in environments hitherto not possible. Visionect technology is being used by hundreds of companies across the globe and has been setting a new standard in the digital signage industry for nearly a decade.

Low energy consumption, versatility, and self-sustainability are the most prominent characteristics of Visionect products that ensure the company’s leading position in the market. Visionect’s electronic paper solutions have been running digital signage 24/7 for quite some time now, some for as long as three years without interruption, stretching from ice-cold Alpine ski resorts to scorching hot Australian roads.


Visionect creates solutions for wayfinding, public transportation, and facility management. For its JOAN meeting room booking solution, which assists companies in organising their meetings, Visionect has been awarded both the 2016 Red Dot Design Award and the 2016 CES Innovation Award.

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Visionect, Ljubljana, Slovenia