VIBERATE: A Smarter Way to Explore Live Music

A crowdsourced live music ecosystem and a blockchain-based marketplace rises $10,714,285 in a mere 4 minutes and 42 seconds during Initial Coin Offer campaign (ICO).

Viberate, created by a Slovenian-based team, is currently listing profiles of over 53,000 music venues, 210,000 events and 130,000 musicians, from superstar DJ's to indie garage bands. Profiles are furnished with all available social media links and analytical insights. The contact information encourages users to engage among themselves. Funds, raised in token crowd sales, will be used to upgrade and extend the platform with blockchain features. This will allow Viberate to become a comprehensive solution for live music industry. VIB tokens (VIBs) are currently listed on,,,, and The next steps in the development process include introductions of a booking agency and event organizers, profile directorirs. The aim being to become the go-to digital currency for the live music industry. Users will be able to directly book, review, pay booking fees, buy and sell tickets and even advertise on Viberate, all these using VIBs. Additionally, Viberate will soon launch an awards protocol, rewarding VIBs to users contributing to Viberate’s database as well as Viberate-related social media posts and other mentions online.

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