Untouched by Light: The World’s First Sparkling Wine Made in Complete Darkness

Radgonske gorice, the oldest and largest producer of sparkling wines in Slovenia, joins the dark side for the greater good of all wine lovers. The result is Untouched by Light, a sparkling wine whose sizzle has bedazzled connoisseurs of both excellent wine and beautiful design.


With more than 160 years of tradition in sparkling wine production, the wines of Radgonske gorice have accompanied us on many merry and important occasions. Not ones to sit on their grape leaves, the winery continues to innovate and exhilarate. Building on research which shows that the exposure of wine to daylight damages the quality of aromas, the winemakers rolled up their sleeves and donned night goggles in order to create the perfect bubbly.


Radgonske gorice night harvest


The whole winemaking process is carried out in complete darkness: from night harvesting to packing. The wine is left to mature for two to three years in the Gornja Radgona cave in Slovenia, where it is untouched by the outside world, in completely lightproof conditions. Once out of the cave, the wine is protected in a black, lightproof bottle, and packed in a vacuum-sealed bag that blocks any additional light or air contact. The first vintage has been lauded for its balanced taste and delicate bubbles, while the alluring and mystery-evoking design seduced the Red Dot jury in 2020.

It is, of course, best to taste Untouched by Light in pitch darkness. So, come to the dark side, where sparkling wine awaits.


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Radgonske gorice d.o.o., Gornja Radgona, Slovenia