TROBLA AUDIO AMPLIFIER: Smart Sounds, Naturally

The Trobla Audio Amplifier for iPhone is the result of a search for innovative ways to enter the world of consumer electronics – that doesn’t require batteries or electronic components.

Why? Because the electronic industry produces 20 to 50 million tonnes of difficult to recycle waste annually. How? With wood products – natural, sustainable, beautiful, handmade wood products.
Exploiting the laws of physics Trobla amplifies, naturally, the sound produced by the speaker on your smartphone. Its cube shape, which resembles a conventional loudspeaker, pushes the sound waves forward through a cone placed in the middle of the funnel, achieving and amplifying a natural resonance that’s created in the process of dispersing the sound.
Trobla is just the right size, small and light enough to be highly portable, making it the perfect companion on the beach, on a romantic picnic in the park or back at the office, when you’d like to have a little music to accompany your work. And there are no wires, cables, power supplies, adapters, batteries and the like to store, carry around, lose – and clutter up your table, your house, your life. And you’ll enjoy whatever you’re listening to all the more knowing that you’re not contributing to widespread unsustainable manufacturing and after-use practices and policies.

Trobla is made by hand with the help of local artisans and local knowledge from Slovenia’s Istria region. The cones are made by a turner from the country’s southwest, near Koper; the packaging sacks are sewn by a seamstress working at the Koper town marketplace; cutting is performed by a modeller from neighbouring Izola, and the wood materials are prepared by carpenters also from the town of Koper. And each is individually handmade with its own serial number.
Trobla is one of a host of fine and thoughtful furniture and wooden products from the TOK TOK collective, which was only created just over a year ago. Their goal is to manufacture beautifully designed and functional furniture in collaboration with local businesses and craftsmen using Slovenian wood and other locally sourced materials. Trobla – sounds good.

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