The Nest: The Safety-oriented Foldable Baby Chair

The Nest is an easy to use, foldable baby chair. Easily mounted in public spaces such as fitting rooms and toilets, it is perfect to use in shopping malls, airports, cafes and other public places.

Children sit comfortably in the Nest while the parents tend to their own needs. They can relax, knowing their baby is comfortably resting in a spacious, safe, and ergonomic seat.

Chair nest

To ensure strength needed for safety, they use only the highest quality of beech wood, along with child-friendly paints and varnishes to produce a top quality chair. With convenience in mind, Kvadro Studio made the Nest as thin as possible while still maintaining strength. At a thickness of 27mm and the ability to hold up to 15 kg, it is currently the world’s thinnest folding baby seat. The Nest chair was tested and awarded the certificate for adhering to the EN14988:2017 standard.
The Nest chair is the result of months of development and hard work at Kvadro Studio, d.o.o, a company striving to become a household name in the sphere of innovative design. They create user-friendly products and focus on socially responsible solutions.


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