The Domel EC Motor with Integrated Electronic Option: Entering New Markets with an Innovative Product

Domel, a well-established Slovenian producer of electric motors, has produced over 100 million motors in its storied history.

The development of our new EC (electronic commuting) motor was based on Domel’s core technologies. The main goals were to achieve a low-weight design with a high degree of flexibility. The new Domel universal EC motor, which was developed in cooperation with the NELA Development Centre, comprises state-of-the-art design solutions, resulting from various competencies, particularly our long-term experience in over-moulding technology. Compared to basic DC motors, in EC motors the mechanical commutation is replaced by electronic circuitry. Featuring a brushless design, the magnetic field is established by means of permanent magnets on the rotor. This enables the supply of precisely the right amount of current to the fixed armature in the right direction at the precise time for accurate motor control. Consequently, the motors achieve the same power with a 20-30% reduction in raw materials. The new motors are efficient and exceed the IE4 requirements, the highest energy efficiency class according to EU regulations.

Domel developed its new EC motors to be able to enter the washing machine market. But its new EC motors offer a competitive advantage with regard to a wide scope of applications, such as home appliances, ventilation devices, pumps, and other areas where continuous operation is required. With this product Domel is targeting several new market niches.

This innovation received the Gold Award at the 10th Slovenian Innovation Forum, the highest national award for innovation.

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