Smart Optometry: Gamified Vision Therapy for Kids

Today up to 15% of children have a vision dysfunction such as lazy eye (amblyopia), strabismus, and convergence insufficiency. These problems can be treated in several ways though studies are indicating that vision therapy yields the best results. Vision therapy needs to be practiced daily though due to time and physical constraints it is unfeasible to do this at an eye clinic each day, meaning the success of the therapy depends significantly on the exercises performed at home.

This is where AmblyoPlay, a product of Smart Optomoetry, comes into the picture. Complete with tools and a digital interface, AmblyoPlay acts as a home-based therapy that complements the exercises and therapies practised in clinics. With tracking elements designed to check the progress of each child outside of the clinic, AmblyoPlay saves time and money for both doctors and patients.

AmblyoPlay daily therapies can be adapted to the specific needs of a child. Therapeutic exercises take 30 minutes, split into two 15 minute exercises with a break to allow the eyes to rest. The sessions themselves are a combination of fun, stimulating games as well as exercises that work the eye muscles to promote better cooperation between the eyes and brain; together creating progress towards the goal of good vision.

Smart Optometry's AmblyoPlay has been awarded with a special award for young enterprise at the Chamber of Commerce and industry of Slovenia's National Innovation Awards in 2018.


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