SkyPulse® by Fotona: Dental Lasers with Intelligent Versatility

What if we told you that there exists a comfortable and precise alternative to the drill, scalpel, and other scary-looking tools of the dentistry trade? It is called SkyPulse® and it is a gift from Fotona to humanity.


Is there an international bill of rights for dental patients? The right to treatment with SkyPulse® should be included in it. Created by the world-leading medical laser manufacturer Fotona, the SkyPulse® platform – the next generation of dental lasers – delivers superb multifunctionality and ease of use, and can be integrated into any dentist’s office. The user-friendly and highly customizable interface enables dentists to select preset options with a simple touch or swipe.

Fotona SkyPulse

A dental laser’s range of utility depends on the wavelengths that the particular laser system emits. The SkyPulse® Er:YAG* platform is a winner in this category too, as it comes in two variations: SkyPulse® Endo and SkyPulse® Versa. Both platforms can be connected to additional diode laser modules for the broadest range of diode laser wavelengths. There is little the handy laser platform cannot do: from treating gum disease and cavities, to soft tissue surgery. Even a dreaded root canal treatment is made more comfortable and efficient with this wonderful machine thanks to its ability to produce laser pulses that clean and debride infamously complex root canal systems.


SkyPulse® earned the company (another) Red Dot Award in 2020 for superbly combining innovation, technological perfection, and excellent design. Thus spoke Zaratoothstra: you can trust Fotona with your teeth and no longer need to pray for relief.


*For the curious reader: Er:YAG is a type of laser whose laser medium is erbium-doped yttrium aluminium garnet. The laser’s wavelength is typically in the infrared range.


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