SEASCAPE 27 RACER-CRUISER: Simple, Accessible, Exhilarating Fun

Experience the best sailing you’ve ever had – or start working on your sailing pedigree aboard one of Europe’s fastest growing sailing classes – the racer-cruiser. Now you can discover the joy of effortless sailing at double-digit speeds safely and in total control.

The latest exciting development from Seascape, the Seascape 27, follows the same design ethos as its highly successful predecessor, the Seascape 18 (European Yacht of the Year 2010), combining the most diverse aspects of sailing without compromise – anywhere.
The Seascape 27 offers a truly unique sailing experience: superior sailing performance, versatility and easy handling in the comfort of a 4-berth sailing boat with a separate wet room and toilet compartment, making it perfect for family cruising, as well as for inshore and offshore regattas.

The boat features extremely powerful hull lines with a beam limited to 2.54 metres to conform to road standards. Along with better performance in most conditions compared to the more traditional lines, the hull shape also makes for a stiffer, more forgiving boat with a bigger internal volume.
Carbon fibre and cutting-edge engineering allow for a mast with no backstay and continuous rigging. The 11 m mast also features a cutter rig with a genoa on the classic forestay and a jib on the inner stay. And centrally-positioned pit controls allows running rigging on both winches from a central position of the crew.
Further, the rudder and tiller system are designed to be as simple and reliable as possible. They allow the autopilot ram mounting inside or outside the boat. And the “naked” look is applied to simplify inspection and maintenance procedures.
A swing keel and retractable rudders also allow the Seascape 27 to reach parts of the sea that are usually reserved for much smaller boats. It’s not only a practical feature, but also enhances safety, since your chances of finding a safe anchoring spot increase dramatically; and it also has a proper anchor locker.
The boat is ready for sailing or transport in an hour or so; and its dimensions allow for easy transport via trailer or shipping container – which means easy accessibility to diverse cruising locations without the cost of year-round berthing. And the swing keel, removable rudder blades and a system to hoist the mast without a crane allows you to decide whether you want to reach the start of the race – or your favourite cruising destination – by  road or by sea.

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