SANDILINE: Technical Kayak and Sailing Gear

Medals for Sandiline Mettle

It all started out of love for water, sports and adventure – renegade Slovenian windsurfing pioneers back in the 1980s. Creating their own custom made neoprene wetsuits, what started out of necessity turned into a high-level hobby and slowly grew in to a highly specialised full-time occupation.

After more than 20 years in the business, passion and individuality are still the main driving forces at Sandiline, who still develop and produce their exacting gear in their own facilities in Slovenia. In order to be performed under the most demanding of uses and conditions, Sandiline products are carefully designed by experts and tested by top-class athletes and  professional users before they go to market.

All told Sandiline has made kayak and sailing gear for more than 90 athletes from 27 different nations. Each participant has received specific gear for their special needs and environmental conditions, from heavy waters on the wild water channels to the steamy sultry weather of hot Asian seas.

Rodrigue Cabaz; French sailor

For the 2008 season Sandiline was chosen to be the official supplier for one of the best Freestyle & Extreme kayak teams in the world – the adidas Sickline team. Twelve paddlers, seven different nationalities, many different styles, and one common passion – paddling.

The adidas Sickline team spent five weeks travelling the wilds of Greenland, braving white icy waters, swarms of mosquitos and perpetual ice glaciers. Here the expedition team put their trust in the company’s new kayak DrySuit on this extreme bracing adventure.

Just this past February at the ICF Australian Open Canoe Slalom, Sandiline-sporting competitors took a first and two third-place finishes in preparations for the new Slalom World Cup season. And in March, the company secured new sailing and kayak equipment distributors in Finland, an exciting new market that loves its demanding water sports.

With 15 Olympic medals and over 150 medals in international championship events as further testament to absolute dedication and perfection, Sandiline doesn’t just sit still but works hard on developing new technologies and materials; and looks forward to the next big wet challenge.