PIRNAR: One Touch Opens the Door

The perfection-driven company PIRNAR has a long tradition in innovation and success in the production of entrances. PIRNAR is aware of the importance of the front door as the first-point of entry, which is why the company devotes great effort to ensuring technical innovation, usability, and the ideal overall appearance of its products.

Clearly, their efforts continue to produce rewarding results as the company has received many awards, including the prestigious German Design Award 2017 in the category Excellent Product Design – Building, for the world’s first entrance with a smart automatic handle, the PIRNAR Ultimum Pure.

Revolutionising the user experience, the PIRNAR OneTouch, the world’s first smart automatic door handle, uses fingerprint scanning or other means of access control to identify the user, triggering the release of the handle from the sleek panel as the area is illuminated and the door unlocks and opens. Once closed, the handle retracts, preventing access to strangers. The handle is a milestone in comfort and security, with patent approval currently pending.

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