OLLO Audio Studio Headphones: Making Recording Studios Eco- and Neighbour-friendly

The story of OLLO Audio starts with a sleep-deprived wife and a chair that is also a speaker. But the real reason the company won our hearts (and ears), is its commitment to sustainable and user-centred design that delivers maximum bang for the buck, and then some.


In the beginning was the Sound, and the Sound was… disturbing to a sleeping wife and twins. What started as a DIY solution to the problem of noise in a home studio spurred Rok Gulič, an ingenious musician and audio engineer, to create professional-grade headphones that could convey that low rumble of bass buzzing through one’s body.


Soon this DIY project became a prototype, and Rok, together with his close friend Mitja Sajovic, founded OLLO Audio. Since then, it has been anything but business-as-usual. Their care for the environment and user community is embodied in their products – the materials come from sustainable sources, and very few plastic components are used. The design is simple and easily serviceable, even with just a Swiss army knife and a few OLLO Audio bits and pieces in your pocket.


Ollo Audio S series


But perhaps the greatest expression of their dedication to user-centred design is the SX4 model of headphones, which the user community, which is viewed as the company’s second family, actively helped to develop. The approach paid off, as the SX4 model was awarded the prestigious German Design Award 2021 for its sophisticated appearance, comfort, and luxuriousness, all without a large carbon footprint.


It turns out that great things really do come from humble beginnings, and we are sure that the future of OLLO Audio will be booming!


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