METRA: Smarter Locker Systems for Your Workplace

Hassle-free safekeeping, anywhere, anytime.

You can trust Metra lockers with your heart, or with your swimwear if you are not in a poetic mood today. Metra, a globally renowned manufacturer of highly reliable, secure, low-maintenance, eco- and user-friendly intelligent locker systems, provides locker solutions for just about any type of use and user. The locking system is fully concealed, which enables a clean-lined look, thus contributing to a sense of visual and spatial harmony. Since we can tell that you like to work, here we will highlight two of their workplace locker solutions: Metra Workplace Lockers and Metra Workplace Delivery & Pickup Lockers.


Metra Workplace Delivery & Pickup Locker is an intelligent locker solution that makes individual internal deliveries/pickups among company staff easy, secure, discreet, error-free, and traceable. The receiving party is simply issued a unique pickup code and the pickup location information. (Pssst! This is perfect for clandestine communication!) By the way, the CERN staff adore these lockers – how cool is that?

Metra_smart workplace delivery pickup lockers PIN code only solution


The Metra Smart Workplace Locker solution is truly a boon to humankind – lockers, either activity-based or permanent – come with built-in sockets and USB ports, which is very useful during those dreaded “low computer/phone battery” moments. Your “open sesame” is an access card, and if that is not handy, use the Metra mobile app, which is also convenient if you want to book a locker remotely. Special visitors and guests can use a short-term locker with a visitor access card or random PIN code in order to securely store belongings during a visit or meeting. Metra also offers centralised locker management based on real-time reports, which ensures a flawless and optimised locker use.

Metra_workplace lockers hall


Metra_smart workplace locker keys


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