MAG-LEV Audio: The Turntable of the Future

MAG-LEV Audio has created the turntable of the future for the medium of the past. It is the world’s first levitating turntable, and as such combines highfidelity sound with elegant and innovative design, thus achieving a truly magical listening experience.

Lately, turntables have been resurgent, as they are becoming increasingly more popular with both professional DJs as well as home audio enthusiasts. That is why the Desnahemisfera design studio, which was part of the team that authored the successful Goat Mug Kickstarter campaign, joined forces with the technology experts at Topsol to engineer this truly unique product.

By developing innovative and patented technology that is utterly unique in the world, the MAG-LEV Audio team was able to achieve magnetic levitation of the turntable, while ensuring that it maintains incredibly precise disc rotation. Air is the smoothest medium possible, with the least amount of friction, and thus prevents records from being scratched, ensures smoother sound, and prolongs the life of the cartridge. In addition, the turntable is beautifully designed with a wooden base, a black core, and subtle orange illumination to further enhance the futuristic experience.


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Company info: MAG-LEV Audio, Ljubljana, Slovenia