LEONE: AL!VE: The Champion of Guilt-free Ice Cream Brands

Thesis: heavenly-tasting ice cream. Antithesis: healthy and nutritious ice cream. Synthesis: AL!VE ice cream brand.

Thank you, Leone, for whipping up an ice cream that melts one’s guilty conscience along with the resolve not to eat it in the first place. The AL!VE innovation has not gone unnoticed: Wabel, a French platform connecting food manufacturers and retailers around the globe, proclaimed AL!VE its 2018 ice cream champion. With consumers increasingly looking for healthier, cleaner, more nutritious, and more functional foods, the AL!VE brand has embraced two of the key market trends – healthy, mindful eating and the high protein revolution – and skilfully moulded them into the irresistible form of an ice cream bar.

Leone Alive Vanilla

The AL!VE High-Protein Vanilla Ice Cream Bar is one of the first protein ice creams on a stick available on the market, thus expanding protein ice cream from cups and tubs to the sticks sub-category, offering additional convenience to those wishing to consume more protein or have a quick post-workout cool-down.

The AL!VE Mini Meal stick simulates one of the most popular breakfast dishes around the world, Greek yogurt with muesli and fruit, and is the first ice cream on a stick with muesli pieces inside. Muesli adds succulent crunchiness to the product and hence enhances not only the flavour but also the texture of this delight.

Leone Allive Wable Award Team

There you have it: now you can have your ice cream and eat it too.


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