Kolektor: The Legend at the Heart of the Electric Motor

Commutators are at the heart of every electric motor. The company Kolektor was established in 1963 to produce commutators, and today it is a global leader in the commutator industry with a market share of more than 50% in Europe and more than 20% globally.

In fifty years of rapid development, Kolektor’s success and progress have been strengthened by strong R&D and innovation, resulting in an enviable number of patents. Kolektor has expanded its product range in the automotive industry and, in addition to commutators, has become one of the leading suppliers of magnets, hybrid components, and electronic drives. Today, the company can boast that virtually every new car incorporates at least one part developed and produced by one of Kolektor’s branch companies, which are located in 32 countries around the world.

In last decade Kolektor has been responding ambitiously to the key challenges on the path to a smart future. Kolektor has expanded its activities into new industrial sectors, focusing on green energy production, smart grids, smart buildings, smart cities, e-mobility, and self-driving cars.


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