INSTRUMENTATION TECHNOLOGIES: The Future of Life-saving Technology is Here

Who needs superheroes when you have I-tech engineers?

Instrumentation Technologies, a high-tech company with more than 20 years of experience in creating groundbreaking solutions in the field of particle accelerators, IoT, smart cities, and MedTech, has recently won Itron’s inaugural Smart City Challenge for developing an original solution that will increase safety along the Rriver Thames and thus improve the welfare of citizens.

The City of London asked the contestants to provide a solution that would monitor the use of safety equipment and set off an emergency notification when someone falls into the river, leading to faster emergency response times. The I-Tech squad of engineers, which has a proven track record of delivering integrated software and hardware solutions in the most technologically demanding conditions, proved its mettle by coming up with a two-pronged solution. 

Instrumentation Technologies Lifebelt

They developed a battery-powered device that will monitor the availability of safety equipment and immediately send a message to the authorities via Itron’s IoT network if the a lifebelt is not in its housing for more than 8 seconds. In order to identify the time and place of a fall and to distinguish people from other descending objects, the team developed a jumper detector system, which is based on Instrumentation Technologies’ existing edge devices and innovative, custom-built sensor electronics

Instrumentation Technologies Team

Three cheers for the engineers!


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