INEA: Virtual Power System – An Advanced Solution for Energy Supply and Demand Optimisation

For INEA, sustainability is not just a buzzword – the company is dedicated to empowering prosumers, so that we will all be able to contribute to the future of sustainable energy.

The transition to renewable and low-carbon energy systems is progressing slowly, which is partly a consequence of the intermittent and fluctuating nature of energy derived from renewable sources, such as sunlight and wind. The virtual power system addresses this issue by providing a cloud-based or on-site energy management system and intelligent flexibility trading platform that optimises energy supply and demand by empowering active participation among prosumers (energy consumers and producers) in these processes.

Virtual Power System is an integrated solution that manages energy production and consumption at the local level, from the bottom up. This way, prosumers can actively participate in the future energy system by offering their flexibility in their energy production and/or consumption. This is made possible by the dynamic pricing of energy flexibility, where users place offers to sell or activate discrete amounts of energy flexibility on the local market.

Inea Kibernet

Currently, prototypes of Factory Energy Management System (FEMS) and Intelligent Flexibility Trading Platform (KIBERnet) are being demonstrated in real environments within the GOFLEX project for different use cases in Cyprus, Switzerland, and Germany. We are electrified with anticipation!


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