HRASTNIK GLASSWORKS: Passionate about Glass since 1860

Since 1860, Hrastnik Glassworks has continued its successful top-quality technical production of glass, which is free of heavy metals and further distinguished by its exceptional qualities, namely the crystal shine and hardness. The company creates a great variety of glass products with an emphasis on modern design and the newest materials in the glass industry.

Today, the group consists of innovative and dynamic world-renowned glassmaking engineers and designers. Recently, their passion for developing and manufacturing innovative and beautiful glass products has earned Hrastnik Glassworks the prestigious international Red Dot Award for its Puzzle glass bowl. The Puzzle is the world’s first glass product that is stackable both vertically and horizontally.

Hrastnik Glassworks has been awarded various other awards on the national and international levels for its management, innovation, as well as efforts in the field of sustainability. Its other innovative products include Celsyum and Speak glasses, as well as collections HighGlass spirits and HighGlass perfumes. Celsyum glass has the ability to preserve the temperature of the drink it holds for 60 minutes, whilst Speak glasses with their specific bottoms prevent the spillage of the drinks. Their own collections HighGlass spirits and HighGlass perfumes feature various bottles of premium quality and design.

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Steklarna Hrastnik d.o.o., Hrastnik, Slovenia