Geolux Plain: Redesigning Illumination for Urban Environments

The Geolux Plain luminaire combines advanced technological solutions with simple installation.

Its technological process allows for optimisation of production resources which is instrumental in providing optimal return on investment. The key to this optimisation is the efficient use of energy resources; a vital component of sustainable lighting.

The Plain product line uses an innovative design concept to illuminate urban environments with low power consumption. Its modular approach to lighting, using a combination of photometric solution and the ability to create multiple light beams, enables projects to be designed with a never-before-seen precision. Versatile and customisable, it proves to be a unique solution for even the most demanding lighting requirements.

Their products boast an ultra slim housing made of high grade AI with optimised heat conductivity properties. Due to its innovative and user-friendly design, The Geolux Plain luminaire received the Red Dot Award in 2018.

Geolux Plain Award

The Geolux Plain was developed by GeoEnergetika d.o.o., a company specialising in the implementation of smart and high-tech LED solutions.


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GeoEnergetika d.o.o., Murska Sobota, Slovenia