Eurosender: Smart Web Based Shipping Solutions

Eurosender is an online platform that uses algorithms and big data technology to offer end-users and companies affordable and easy to use shipping services.

By aggregating demand from various clients it is able to provide fares up to 70% lower than those of standard couriers. The company has also partnered with prominent European courier companies ensuring that they can provide a reliable and punctual delivery.

With offices in London, Luxembourg, Ljubljana, and Gdansk, Eurosender offers services for both standard shipping and freight transport. Customers can send packages, suitcases, pallets, or containers anywhere from 2kg to 4000kg.

Orders are placed online through an approachable interface and simple procedure. On-hand to help with any of the process is a customer and sales support staff; contactable by both phone and email.
Several international incubators and funders recognised Eurosender’s bold and disruptive solution in its early stages, all of which contributed to the company’s fast and stable growth.


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Eurosender, Ljubljana, Slovenia