EMA CELJE: BlueAIS transponder

Safer Boating Everywhere

Safety at sea is a big concern for boaters, no matter the size or type of vessel they’re on. EMA’s BlueAIS class B transponder, designed specially for leisure craft and smaller commercial vessels, goes a long way to ease these concerns and improve safety at the same time.

With ports becoming more crowded and weather conditions increasingly unpredictable, the BlueAIS transponder is a valuable collision avoidance tool. It works by triangulating the vessel’s position via GPS and sharing this and the vessel’s identity information with other AIS (automatic identification system) devices via VHF signals. It then sends the data to a display device such as a plotter or computer where the boater can view other AIS-equipped vessels and see if any are on a collision course.

With BlueAIS boater are safer from large ship threats because he not only sees nearby large ships but also transmits his location. And BlueAIS could be an essential tool for navigating safely through crowded water passages and ports. Also, in the unfortunate event of an accident, rescuers will find the vessel far faster, especially in low visibility conditions such as heavy rain, high waves, fog and dark.

The BlueAIS system is also complementary to radar: in areas covered by AIS repeater stations it can even see behind obstacles like islands – in other words, see behind corners.

In the end BlueAIS is a combination of convenience and cutting edge technology: everything is integrated in a single white enamel coated housing, with installation simple, cost efficient, and designed for outdoor installation, saving valuable under deck space. Valuable collision avoidance for safer marine navigation.