Cleangrad: Comprehensive Cleanroom Solutions for the Most Demanding Environments

The unsung heroes behind some of the world’s most crucial R&D and manufacturing.


As the company name suggests, Cleangrad is into clean construction. And when we say clean, we mean squeaky clean, pristine, aseptic even. Cleangrad designs, installs, and manufactures both individual components and complete solutions in building cleanrooms for manufacturing industries where sterile conditions are imperative and the ambient air must be essentially free of particulates. This is essential in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, microelectronics, and food, as well as in healthcare facilities such as operating and isolation rooms.


Cleangrad’s story of success stretches back almost 20 years; since then, the company has been continuously growing, evolving, and innovating tailor-made solutions of the utmost quality and accuracy. Although it may have started out small, it does not shy away from any task, no matter how big and complex the project. A case in point is the company’s collaboration with laboratories across Europe, where such urgent things are going on as the development of Covid-19 vaccines.


Cleangrad clean room


As mentioned above, the company manufactures individual elements, such as ceilings, floors, walls, partitions – you name it. However, its field work often demands integrated turnkey solutions, from design to upkeep. This comprises architectural planning, the installation of spaces, including lighting and ventilation, and continuous upgrading. This is all made possible thanks to Cleangrad’s ever-growing team of experienced engineers, and most importantly, its determination to become a leading company in cleanroom design and construction in Europe.


Cleangrad d.o.o., Ljutomer, Slovenia

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