CITYWALL Scaling The Seven Seas

Climbing Walls

CityWall climbing walls and equipment are scaled all over Europe, as far East as India, Singapore and Hong Kong, and well across the Atlantic in Canada. But the latest point of pride are their climbing walls on transatlantic passenger cruise ships. The company’s first climbing wall on a cruise ship went up back in 2003. Today they have six climbing walls on board ocean-going luxury liners.

Climbing walls on the ships must be ready to withstand severe weather conditions, salt, sun, wind, even chimney soot. The previous five ship projects were roughly 100 m2,  but the latest, erected just this past spring, is twice that. The architect didn’t want "just a climbing wall," but instead wanted to diversify through design, in the form of a concrete prison, together with a slide that goes through the climbing wall into the pool.

CityWall is the leading Slovenian producer of high-quality climbing equipment, covering the a range of climbing walls, play facilities for kids, climbing holds and more, all manufactured according to demanding EN 12572 and SIST EN 1176-1 standards.


The company began operations back in 1996, and its employees are top climbing experts – instructors of alpine climbing and sports climbing, working closely with top experts in safety and innovation.