ADRIA MOBIL: Mastering the Motorhome Experience

Matrix Supreme motorhomes

This summer Adria launches its latest “cross-over” motorhome, the hot and sleek. This exciting new crossover motorhome range within the family of Matrix motorhomes combines the advantages of alcove and semi-integrated models. Adria says this extremely spacious vehicle – equipped for experienced users – will be launched through a selected EU network of Adria dealers in June 2011. 

The new Matrix Supreme, made on a new Renault Master chassis, will be available in two very popular layout solutions: M 677 SC, with rear central - island bed, and the M 687 SL, with rear longitudinal beds.

The sleek exterior design is well integrated into the new Renault Master vehicle – with 2.3 l engine options of 125 and 146 HP, both with Euro 5 edition – delivers a truly new generation experience of Adria motorhomes. The new Renault vehicle features a modern, engaging and dynamic exterior appearance; inside extreme low cabin noise and comfortable driving with a spacious cabin area give new meaning to the term – and feeling of – mobility.  

The Supreme’s new interior is not only clean and refreshing but boasts very real advantages like the ALDE heating system, including water-based floor heating as well as heated cabin seats, giving it the highest – grade 3 – rating by Alde’s exacting test experts. These highly effective heating systems enable comfortable use year round in all kind of weather conditions.

The new Matrix Supreme models are Adria’s latest and most advanced developed crossover motorhomes, and represent a refined mix of design-driven solutions, optimal Matrix-family layout solutions as well as a host of useful features on the new Renault Master. Summer made supreme, on the road and more comfortable than ever.