• METRA: Smarter Locker Systems for Your Workplace

    Hassle-free safekeeping, anywhere, anytime.

  • Smart Optometry: Gamified Vision Therapy for Kids

    Today up to 15% of children have a vision dysfunction such as lazy eye (amblyopia), strabismus, and convergence insufficiency. These problems can be treated in several ways though studies are indicating that vision therapy yields the best results. Vision therapy needs to be practiced daily though due to time and physical constraints it is unfeasible to do this at an eye clinic each day, meaning the success of the therapy depends significantly on the exercises performed at home.

  • Eurosender: Smart Web Based Shipping Solutions

    Eurosender is an online platform that uses algorithms and big data technology to offer end-users and companies affordable and easy to use shipping services.

  • Kolektor: The Legend at the Heart of the Electric Motor

    Commutators are at the heart of every electric motor. The company Kolektor was established in 1963 to produce commutators, and today it is a global leader in the commutator industry with a market share of more than 50% in Europe and more than 20% globally.




Slovenia boasts a surprising number of internationally renowned names and brands. From science, technology, design and lifestyle, to celebrated individuals like philosopher Slavoj Žižek, composer and musician Slavko Avsenik and his Oberkrainer ensemble and owner of the big crystal globe, skier Tina Maze. Some of the world known products such as the 35 mm slide frame, the perfume atomizer, alpine carving skis, the first hybrid yacht and the best selling Talking Friends smart phone application were created in Slovenia.

Advanced technological solutions, highest quality production processes, spirited innovation and widespread ecological awareness in the greenest of Europe’s natural environments are firmly integrated in the development and production strategies of an increasingly large array of the ambitious, forward-looking Slovenian manufacturers.

Trendelicious is an exciting part of our website, specially dedicated to Slovenia's creme de la trend in business excellence. Covering the latest releases and developments in the fields of science, commerce, creative industries, tourism and sustainability, Trendelicious is always on the lookout for the latest advanced innovations and breakthrough ideas coming out of Slovenia.

Over the following pages we reveal some of the most interesting Slovenian companies and their world-class products and services.

Have a look. You might be surprised.

  • DONAR: Creating Better, Healthier Working Experiences

    Donar combines extensive design experience and knowhow to create special furnishings that make prolonged sitting and working comfortable, stress-free and…
  • PLASTIKA SKAZA: Production for Life

    As experts in the furniture, electrical, home appliance and automotive industries, Plastika Skaza has been developing injection moulding solutions and…
  • CHIPOLO: Nothing is Lost

    Chipolo is the world’s most advanced Bluetooth item finder. You can put it on your keys, wallet, luggage or wear it on your bag or purse – with style.
  • REX KRALJ: Now and Forever

    Rex Kralj products are beautiful, refined pieces. But they’re far more than inspired design pieces, they’re made to celebrate creativity and innovation…
  • FOTONA: Lasers for Life

    Lasers are the heart of Fotona’s business. It’s one of the most experienced developers of high-technology laser systems, recognized the world over for…
  • RLS SENSORS: A Sense of Control

    In today’s increasingly automated world smart and reliable sensors and complete sensor solutions play an integral part in keeping things running smoothly,…
  • QBISS AIR: Contemporary Curtains

    In today’s contemporary architecture and construction landscape, advanced technology, intelligent design and high performance are paramount. And Qbiss…
  • FERROČRTALIČ: Finished for Good

    Ferro Črtalič plays an active, indispensable role in the development of custom-made solutions and production machinery in the surface finishing industry.
  • NICELABEL: The Complexity of Labeling Made Easy

    Labeling is frequently considered a background process that doesn’t get a whole lot of attention – until it causes a problem. As a result, bar code and…