Operator T-2 continues shopping spree

Ljubljana, 10 June (STA) - Telecommunications operator T-2 has purchased a majority stake in Avision, a small provider of wireless services in western Slovenia, for an undisclosed price, in what is the fourth acquisition in two months.

"By entering Avision, T-2 gets top know-how, innovation and in-depth knowledge of information and communication technologies," the company said Monday.

Based in Portorož and founded in 1991, Avision had sales of EUR 177,000 last year and posted a net profit of almost EUE 14,000.

It is the latest small operator to be acquired by T-2, which recently bought cable operator Inatel after having acquired Telesat and KKS Kabel Kamnik in April.

T-2 is a top three telecommunications provider, its market share ranging from 20% on the broadband internet market and 25% in IP telephony to 16% in fixed telephony and just over 5% in mobile telephony, according to the latest quarterly report of the Agency for Communications Networks and Services.

Its buying spree follows a massive 2018 settlement with market leader Telekom Slovenije over antitrust behaviour whose value has never been disclosed but is believed to be worth roughly EUR 50m.

While the telecommunications market is consolidated at the top tier, T-2 has joined Telemach in consolidating the remaining bits of the market by buying up the few remaining independent local operators that cropped up in the 1990s.