Lisca group ups sales 9%, operating profit 13% last year

Sevnica, 08 February (STA) - The group around lingerie and swimwear maker Lisca generated EUR 36.7m in revenue last year, up 9% year-on-year, while increasing operating profit by 30% to EUR 3.3m.

Speaking about the results for the STA on Wednesday, director general Marko Ninčević said that Lisca had faced "very fast-growing costs" last year, adding that a similar pressure was expected this year.

Ninčević pointed to a 32% growth in on-line sales, which amounted to 8% of the group's total sales in 2018. The Sevnica-based group plans to post a 5% growth in sales and a 10% growth in profit this year.

Lisca earmarked EUR 1.3m for investments last year, the bulk of which went for refurbishment of shops. Investments planned for this year are to be approximately on a par with last year's.

The group, which sells around 20% of its products on the Slovenian market, has a total of 130 shops. Last year it opened a shop in Serbia's Novi Sad, two in the Czech Republic and one in Slovakia.

Around 60% of sales are generated in Slovenia and other markets of the former Yugoslavia. Italy, Germany, the Netherlands and Spain are among its strategic markets in western Europe.

The group consists of the core company based in Sevnica and eight subsidiaries abroad, and had a workforce of 800 people at the end of last year, when an additional ten employees were hired.