Slovenia’s long industrial tradition and good education, extensive training and personal qualities of its people explain why so many industries have such a large footprint in international markets.  A recent drop in less technology intensive and less competitive manufacturing industries is offset by a significant increase in the share of industries of higher technology intensity.


Slovenia’s export competitiveness attribute to the restructuring of the Slovenian economy towards high-tech products and the markets. Slovenia exports a relatively large number of intermediate products and the share of domestic value added in exports has to rise particularly in the high- and medium-high technology industries: manufacture of vehicles and vessels, the manufacture of electrical and optical equipment, and the manufacture of machinery and equipment. Knowledge-intensive services lead to manufacturing or technological innovations and sharpen the competitive edge of Slovenia’s manufacturing industries at home and abroad. The flagship industries include: pharmaceuticals and chemicals, electronics and electrical engineering, machine building, wood processing, food processing, textile, life science and hospitality and entertainment.


We present some of the most competitive industries with the leading companies.