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Slovenian designers at 3daysofdesign, Copenhagen, Denmark, 3 - 5 September 2020

Slovenian designers will again be a part of 3daysofdesign - an exclusive Denmark’s annual design event.

The exhibition at the Embassy of Slovenia / Sunday-S Gallery offers a unique snapshot of contemporary Slovenian interior design, showcasing items designed and manufactured in Slovenia, relying on regional handicraft and the most advanced sustainable production technologies.


Meet Slovenian brands and designers at Sunday-S Gallery, Amaliegade 6, Kopenhagen from 3 - 5 September 2020. They are ready to present their passionate work that makes your life comfortable and happier. From soft, colourful toy cars, wooden masterpieces to chairs from recyclable materials.



BI BIIP upholstered car - a mobile toy car for children. Its attraction lies in its abstract shape, appealing colors, softness and its natural materials. Design: Mateja Panter. 

The Cloud modular sofa - designed to suit the needs of all those who regard their living room as more than just another space. Besides its authentic design, the sofa also comes with a side tray surface and it is made from natural and environmentally friendly materials. Design: Luka Bassanese.

Kauch The Cloud sofa



Collodi chair - nested on a metal or wooden frame, the shell is made entirely of industrial waste and is 100% recyclable. Design: Andraž Šapec.

Nicoless chair - a tribute to the great industrial designer Niko Kralj and his Shell chair, Nico Less is a congress seat that can be linked into compositions of various lengths or stored into vertical stacks. Design: Primož Jeza Studio 

Venice sofa - an elegant two-seater sofa, hand made by skilled craftsmen. Wooden core is carefully selected from localy sourced wood and elegantly upholstered with sustainable fabrics. Design: Primož Jeza Studio 

Donar Nicoless chair

Donar Venice sofa



FOLD A - a new member of the Sence family of lamps, made of wood veneer - pleasantness of light and the simplicity of form and structure, based on physical and perceptual properties of wood. Design: Kaja Lipnik Vehovar and Arne Vehovar. 

Kubus Interier Sence Fold A



Rocking horse - designed to provide fun, safety and comfort: it is soft and appealing, very well cushioned, extremely difficult to overturn, sturdy, and all of its surfaces are well rounded. Design: Wilsonic design. 

Wilsonic Design Rocking horse



Rocking light - made out of aluminium, incorporates durability with lightness. Its characteristics add a warm and self-assured ambience to any interior. Design: Nikolaj Salaj. 

Lesnina MG Folds Rocking light



Origami kitchen table - made from a combination of oak and MDF wood, inspired by the Japanese art of folding paper. Design: Luka Rugelj.

Edukta Guiana Origami kitchen table


The seater - the unique form of the chair takes advantage of the unique qualities of fiber cement: the thinness, the minimum roundness and the strength of the material. Design: Tina Rugelj. 

The cat house - the smaller version of the big dog house. Cellulose fibres in fibre cement prevent the house to cool during winter or overheat during summer. Design: Tina Rugelj.

TIBA Conrete garden The cat house



Writing desk Puhi - designed to offer a quiet, inviting workplace. The writing surface is pleasing to touch, non-reflective, its colour does not tire the eyes, it's easy to clean and resistant to scratches. Design: Neža Uran.

Fitbull chair - a simple and honest chair, suitable for dining or general purpose. It's edgy shape is ergonomically designed, bringing together robust durabillity of solid wood and comfort. Design: Neža Uran.


Neža Uran_Lepu_Fitbull chair


A unique Slovenian design installation during 3daysofdesign will be presented at Sunday-S Gallery by the Embassy of Slovenia in Copenhagen in cooperation with SPIRIT Slovenia, public agency and Centre for creativity.