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Slovenia Food Digital Meeting, 25 May 2021

A digital event dedicated to Slovenian companies operating in the market sectors of food and beverages, wine, catering etc. who want to sell and distribute their products in Italy.


During the event the Slovenian companies will present their products and carry out online b2b meetings with commercial agents, distributors and companies interested in cooperation. The online b2b meetings will be held from May 25 to June 1, 2021.


Welcome to meet the following 13 Slovenian companies:

  1. CONDITUS  -  dolci freschi artigianali  /  genuine Bled cream cake, fresh desserts free from all substitutes and preservatives  -  virtual stand
  2. DON DON  -  prodotti da forno  /  bread and pastry, extended shelf life products, frozen bread and pastry, toast, sandwiches and donuts, one of the biggest bakeries in Balkan region  -  virtual stand
  3. KONAL - ORGO  -  conserve vegetali prodotti sott'olio  /  processing of fruit, vegetables and mushrooms  -  virtual stand
  4. MLEKARNA CELEIA  -  latte e latticini  /  high quality milk and milk products  -  virtual stand
  5. MLIN KATIĆ  -  mulino, grano cereali e farine  /  flour mill, other grain-type flour, concentrate from lentils, starch, fiber, gluten-free flours and other mixtures  -  virtual stand
  6. MLINOTEST  -  mulino, grano cereali e farine  /  pasta, different types of flour, grain mill products, bread, bakery wares, confectionery, gluten-free biscuits and other products  -  virtual stand
  7. NUTRISSLIM  -  integratori alimentari, salute & bellezza  /  high quality natural foods and food supplements  -  virtual stand
  8. ORGANA  -  cibi vegetali  /  vegan food  -  virtual stand
  9. PERGER 1757  -  dolci  /  high quality hand-made organic snacks with honey  -  virtual stand
  10. PIVOVARNA VIZIR  -  birra artigianale  /  natural beer, without any conservans or additives, brewed from high quality barley malt and Slovenian hops  -  virtual stand
  11. PROCONI  -  cibi pronti  /  ready-to-eat meals, gastro prepared meals, frozen products and sous-vide meat  -  virtual stand
  12. SMODIN  -  succhi di frutta  /  producers of natural juices  -  virtual stand
  13. WAL-IMPEX WALTER ZERJAL  -  commercio di specialita e di prodotti alimentari e bevande  /  import export of food and drinks  -  virtual stand


Time: Tuesday, 25 May, 9:30 (CET)
Location: Online event 
More information: Slovenia Food Digital Meeting

The event is organized by SPIRIT Slovenia, public agency promoting Slovenian exports and foreign direct investment. Contact us for more information about outsourcing and investment opportunities in Slovenia.