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National Business Excellence Award goes to metrology company

The latest winner of the national business excellence award is Lotrič Metrology, a mid-size company from Železniki, a village in the mountains of western Slovenia.

The company also received a five-star certificate of excellence from the European Foundation for Quality Measurement (EFQM).


What is Lotrič Metrology? In short, it is a measurement specialist providing calibration and testing for various measurement devices. The company develops sophisticated measurement systems, services and products used for quality management in manufacturing and R&D laboratories. While Lotrič Metrology mostly provides services, they also develop their own calibration equipment. Another interesting product of Lotrič is the Exactum smart sensor hub which »automatically protects your processes and products and helps you meet the necessary standards and requirements«.


The company started as a small-sized family business calibrating scales, weights and pipettes. In less than 30 years Lotrič has evolved into a group of four companies and subsidiaries in six countries. The parent company Lotrič Meroslovje made 4.5 million euros in sales revenues and employed 48 workers in 2018. Overall, the group employs over 160 experts in metrology.

Lotrič Metrology
From one of Lotrič Metrology labs.
Photo: Lotrič Metrology