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Last year's best Slovenian startup: Instatext

Slovenia's best start-up last year was Instatext, a young company from Ljubljana developing an artificial intelligence-based personal writing assistant.

Instatext was described as “Grammarly on steroids''. The solution does not only correct grammatical errors, but instantly rewrites texts in the style of a native speaker. The other finalists of the Start:up Slovenia selection were Evergreen, Influee, Grid Instruments and Mouzen. Evegreen’s products are biodegradable materials based on organic waste. Grid Instruments develops measurement tools and solutions for smart grid systems. Influee is a platform which connects companies, content creators and influencers. Mouzen is an ergonomic device that optimizes the position of one’s arm while working behind a computer.


The 2020 selection of the best Slovenian start-ups was presented at the final award ceremony of Start:up Slovenia. The event is a kind of a prelude to the PODIM international conference – both events take place every year in late May in Maribor. Now in its fortieth edition, PODIM itself is far beyond its start-up phase and well into maturity. PODIM has evolved into one of Europe’s best tech and start-up events. It attracts not only the most promising start-up and scale-up companies from Central and Southeastern Europe, but also investors, experts, and representatives from large international companies like Visa, Allianz, DHL, IBM, Intel, and Facebook. Last year’s keynote speaker was Margrethe Vestager, Executive Vice-President of the European Commission responsible for the digitization of the European Union.


Both events are an indication of the vitality of the local start-up ecosystem. The preparations for this year’s events are well into their final phase. Podim’s conference will take place between the 17th and 19th of May in Maribor – yet due to its hybrid nature, it is possible to attend the event from anywhere on the globe. Stay tuned.


Best Slovenian Start up 2020

Instatex receives the award for the start-up of the year at the final ceremony of Start:up Slovenia.
Photo: Tovarna podjemov