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German Economy Award for eco-houses manufacturer

The winner of the 2020 Germany Economy Award, that is given out by the German Slovenian Chamber of Industry and Commerce AHK, is Lumar, a producer of low energy and passive prefabricated buildings.

The family company Lumar from Maribor is a Slovenian leader in low-energy prefabricated houses. The main focus of the company with almost 30 years of tradition is sustainability. In its latest buildings, Lumar follows the principle of Zero Emission Living: in other words, Lumar’s new houses are extremely energy efficient and require almost no energy. Lumar is still a small company with 18 million euros in sales (2019,) yet is present in major European markets: Italy, Germany, and France. One of Lumar’s buildings is exhibited in Blaue Lagune in Vienna, the biggest European complex of model houses.


A key element of the company’s strategy is a strong emphasis on innovation and development. Lumar takes part in several development projects, especially in smart house building elements and the integration of artificial intelligence in prefabricated buildings. An innovative approach in marketing is Lumar’s I-Edition. In 2016 the company started a collaboration with BMW Group Slovenia, the result of which is the I-Edition package: it contains Lumar’s house with some exclusive additional elements, an electric car, and solar panels.


The German Economy Award is presented by the AHK, German Slovenian Chamber of Industry and Commerce, in cooperation with the German Embassy in Slovenia and Institute WISE. The World Institute for Sustainability and Ethics in Rising Economies (WISE) is headquartered at the IEDC-Bled School of Management. The award ceremony took place in January 2021. Finalists fort the award were also BSH Hišni aparati from Nazarje (a part of German Bosch Siemens Hausgeräte) and Steklarna Rogaška, manufacturer of premium crystal products.


Lumar’s model house in Blaue Lagune in Vienna.
Photo: Robert Sprang