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Business forum Space technologies - Slovenian companies as innovative and breakthrough niche players in the space sector, 21 October, 2021, Slovenian Pavilion, EXPO Dubai

11 Slovenian companies and institutions will present top-edge solutions in the field of space technologies. Don’t miss the opportunity to meet them and learn all about the achievements of Slovenian space sector.

Slovenia became an Associated Member State of the European Space Agency (ESA) in 2016, in 2020 we successfully launched the first two Slovenian satellites into space and we aim to become a Member State of ESA in 2024. Space sector in Slovenia is rapidly developing and growing and we are proud to have a significant number of innovative companies and institutions. Their breakthrough solutions position them among global market niche leaders and have an important role in the development of space sector.



Space technologies - Slovenian companies as innoative and breakthrough niche players in the space sector


11:00 am                 

  • Greetings of Mr Matic Volk, Commissioner General of the Republic of Slovenia for Expo 2020 Dubai, Mr Simon Zajc, State Secretary at the Ministry of Economic  Development and  Technology of the Republic of Slovenia, Ms Simonetta di Pippo, Director of the UN Office for Outer Space Affairs
  • Business Forum: Space technologies - Slovenian companies as innovative and breakthrough niche players in the Space Sector.
  • Roundtable: The Slovenian Space Sector: competitive advantages and new opportunities

12:30 pm                           

  • Networking among the participants of the business forum and business lunch


SLOVENIAN COMPANIES attending the business forum


  • Balmar – services and R&D activities for aerospace, space and other industries
  • Bias Variance Labs - the data-to-discovery & decision processes for space research and technology, by developing, deploying and supporting state-of-the-art interpretable Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions
  • Center of Space Technologies Herman Potočnik Noordung - promotion of space technologies and the manifestation of human achievements in space with the interweaving of art and high technologies
  • Cosylab - control systems software for various high-tech industries, collaboration with ESA and primes in the domain of software for support of space missions
  • Dewesoft - a leading provider of data acquisition (DAQ) and analysis solutions for aerospace testing from standard data recording, structural dynamics, rotating machinery analysis, acoustic testing, to more specific applications like ground station telemetry solutions
  • Duol - the global leader in the air dome industry, custom-designed air domes and frame structures ranging from sports, events & entertainment, industry & warehousing, agriculture, military and space
  • GeoCodis - software development in the field of remote sensing, water management, GIS and mobile network industry solutions; a visualisation and analysis portal for space industry, focused on surface water and flood areas utilising data gathered from Sentinel-1A
  • KENS Electronics - high quality devices for control cable harnesses and provide prototypes, low-volume as well as mass production for PCB boards assembly, from the simplest one-layered to complex multilayered ones
  • SINERGISE - advanced geospatial information systems based on cloud and web technology, focusing to earth observation to get actionable insights in what is happening with our planet
  • SkyLabs - space-technology oriented company providing miniaturized satellite platforms and innovative approach to space engineering
  • - Slovenian Centre of Excellence for Space Sciences and Technologies - the RTD activities focused on high resolution interactive remote sensing and formation flying missions, supported by the development of an advanced microsatellite for earth observation


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Date: 21 October 2021
Venue: Slovenian national pavilion, EXPO, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
More information: Slovenia at EXPO 2020