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Business forum Slovenian Green and Circular Economy, 2 October 2021, Slovenian Pavilion, EXPO Dubai

Being “green” is almost a part of the Slovenian national identity. The first in a series of business forums at EXPO Dubai will therefore present the best of Slovenian Green and Circular Economy.

Slovenia was the first country in the world to constitutionally protect its water. In 2016 Slovenia became the first Green Destination in the world. Slovenians are proud of the pristine nature of their country, which is mostly covered by woodlands. In the past few years Slovenia has become a flagship in sustainable development, due to technological innovations and niche market leaders. Interested? Welcome to join us at the business forum Slovenian Green and Circular Economy and learn more about the challenges and solutions of Slovenian companies for sustainable development and better future.


AGENDA OF THE BUSINESS FORUM Slovenian Green and Circular Economy

11:00 am           

  • Greetings of Matic Volk, Commissioner General of the Republic of Slovenia for EXPO 2020 Dubai
  • Business forum: Climate and Biodiversity – Slovenian Green and Circular Economy through success stories of Slovenian companies
  • Roundtable: A competitive advantage and internationalisation of a Slovenian green and circular economy: news markets, new opportunities


13:00 pm           

  • Networking among participants of Business forum and business lunch


SLOVENIAN COMPANIES attending the business forum


  • ANTON BLAJ – BLAJ FASTENERS d.o.o. - certified manufacturer of special high-end bolts
  • BLISK CASTINGS d.o.o. - high-pressure aluminium die-casting
  • Design Business Consulting, Mojca Mihailovič Škrinjar, s.p. - integration of design in business processes 
  • EKSTERA d.o.o. - solutions for reducing waste generation using the circular economy principle
  • Essentia Pura d.o.o. - development and manufacturing of extraction equipment and uses supercritical-CO2 fluid extraction as a separation technology for the development of herbal extracts and the concentration of bioactive compounds
  • EVITEL d.o.o. - various services of green products in a field of sustainable, green, and circular tourism in rural area of Prekmurje region
  • GRAH LIGHTING d.o.o. - development and production of LED street lighting, sensors, smart solutions, oriented to energy-time savings which helps preserve environment
  • IMAGO d.o.o. Envision Expo by Imago is a platform for a wide range of virtual and hybrid events. A virtual experience of 3D objects, videos, presentations, meetings, chats and interactive games.
  • IOS Ltd. - new innovative solutions in the field of environmental protection, sensors, and nanomaterials
  • KLIN poslovno svetovanje Tadeja Trojar Jan, s.p. - integrated solutions for employee development
  • LEK Pharmaceuticals - development of biologics and biosimilars as well as generic medicines; manufacturing biosimilars, generics and high quality active pharmaceutical ingridients for generic and biologic medicines
  • MAGNETI Ljubljana d.d. - a producer of permanent metallic magnets, polymer bonded magnets and magnetic assemblies, as well as other alloys
  • MYWATER d.o.o. - the WaaS (Water as a service) services reducing the need for single-use plastic bottles by providing public access to purified drinking water and changing users’ habits 
  • NEC Cerknica - competence centre for entrepreneurship, project management, sustainable development, responsible tourism, rural development and creative industries
  • NOMAGO d.o.o. - travel and mobility services
  • PANVITA Ekoteh d.o.o. - managing biogas plants and handling the environmental processes
  • STEKLARNA HRASTNIK d.d. - manufacture of premium glass packaging
  • SALONIT ANHOVO d.d. - one of the most technologically advanced and sustainable cement plants in Europe
  • SUROVINA d.o.o. - production of secondary raw materials from waste and residues
  • UNIFOREST d.o.o. - globally recognized innovative producer of forestry mechanisation


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Date: 2 October 2021
Venue: Slovenian national pavilion, EXPO, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
More information: Slovenia at EXPO 2020