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German Economy Award for eco-houses manufacturer

The winner of the 2020 Germany Economy Award, that is given out by the German Slovenian Chamber of Industry and Commerce AHK, is Lumar, a producer of low energy and passive prefabricated buildings.

Midsize giants

Most of Slovenia’s best companies are mid-size. Though less known in the wider public, they operate on a global scale and often play the role of a niche leader. These enterprises are highly innovative and represent a true pillar of Slovenia’s exporting economy.

The fine art of making money

The creative and cultural industries are of key importance for modern economies. Slovenia is no exception with a thriving computer gaming scene, top designers and creators of leading computer graphics technologies.

Best solution for remote work

ISL Online is widely recognised as one of the best remote desktop management software solutions. It was developed by one of Slovenia’s best small tech companies, XLAB.