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Food production turns green

As sustainable agriculture gets ever more important, Slovenia strengthens its position as a global leader in beekeeping technology and know-how.

The new shape of Slovenian banking

Slovenia’s banking system used to be populated by numerous small banks and dominated by the three state owned institutions. After a restructuring it is already reduced to a smaller number of stronger and private owned players. NLB remains Slovenia's largest bank with a market share of 22.7 percent. Yet the market may look different by the end of the year after the sale of the single remaining state-owned bank, A Banka.

Start-up in May – and ride away

May brings PODIM, the largest start-up event in the region, and something new for young entrepreneurs, a start-up train from Ljubljana to Sofia and back.

Life is good on the sunny side of the Alps

Slovenia offers many advantages to savvy investors: strategic position, highly skilled workforce at a relatively low cost, R&D capabilities and high a level of stability. What often gets overlooked – yet is of no less importance – is the high quality of life in Slovenia. It is reflected by low crime and high level of safety statistics, preserved natural environment and good infrastructure. This high level of life quality is also demonstrated by the high values of various health and education parameters.