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In search of the cure for COVID-19

Leading Slovenian scientific institution Institute Jozef Stefan (IJS) is contributing to global efforts to develop a cure for COVID-19.

Vital life sciences

Life sciences are one of the most dynamic areas of industry and research on a global level: Slovenia is no exception.

Slovenia Food Digital Meeting, 25 May 2021

A digital event dedicated to Slovenian companies operating in the market sectors of food and beverages, wine, catering etc. who want to sell and distribute their products in Italy.

The innovating legend

Peter Florjančič, Slovenia's best inventor credited with 42 patents and over 400 innovations, passed away in November last year aged 102.

The Innovations of the year 2020

Slovenia’s best innovations of the year were presented on Innovation Day last November. The winning innovations include a wide spectrum of products and solutions, from new robot cells to original ice cream cones.