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Slovenia extends 10-year bond by EUR 250m

Ljubljana, 08 September (STA) - Slovenia has extended a 10-year bond issued in February last year by EUR 250 million to finance the purchase of two outstanding bonds, a seven-year bond due on March 2022 and a three-year bond due in March 2023.

According to unofficial information from Bloomberg, as cited by Finance, orders exceeded EUR 1.25 billion and yield to maturity is slightly above 0.07%.

This is an additional issue of the bond issued by Slovenia at the beginning of January in the amount of EUR 1.75 billion, with a zero coupon rate and yield to maturity of -0.096%.

The ministry expressed the intention for a new bond issue in August as it announced a tender to purchase the two outstanding bonds. It said that the successful issue of the new bond may be a precondition for the purchase of the outstanding bonds.

After taking offers for the early purchase of the outstanding bonds, the ministry said in a press release on Wednesday that the state intended to purchase bonds in the total nominal value of EUR 98.1 million.