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Major anti-trust procedure against Telekom stopped

Ljubljana, 03 May (STA) - The Competition Protection Agency has stopped a major anti-trust procedure against the telecoms incumbent Telekom Slovenije, a decision that comes seven years after the Supreme Court annulled its original decision.

Telekom said on Monday proceedings related to alleged unfair pricing of Itak Džabest, a special monthly plan for youths, between 2008 and 2010, had been stopped after the watchdog "did not manage to obtain evidence on the existence of a predatory exclusionary strategy".

In 2012 the anti-trust watchdog found Telekom's then subsidiary Mobitel had breached the law with unfair pricing. The decision was annulled by the Supreme Court, which ruled that the watchdog had misapplied the law, committed procedural failures and did not establish the facts of the matter to the full extent.

It ordered the agency to initiate new proceedings taking into account the Supreme Court's positions regarding the application of procedural and substantive law.