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July wage figures mostly on par with June's

Ljubljana, 15 September (STA) - The average net pay in Slovenia in July stood at EUR 1,176, which was 0.1% up on June nominally and 0.2% more in real terms, the Statistics Office reported on Tuesday, noting that the figures stayed mostly level since measures mitigating Covid-19 ramifications were effective in both months.

The July average gross pay totalled EUR 1,811, down by 0.1% in nominal terms and "about the same" in real terms compared to June.

If the average pay were calculated by the number of employees on the basis of paid hours and regardless of the staff figure, the average gross pay in July would have decreased by 0.6% nominally month-on-month.

The latest figures show wages in the private sector were up by 1.4%, whereas those in the public sector were down by 2.3%.

Sector-wise, average gross pay was the highest in electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply (EUR 2,577), however the monthly drop was also the most significant there, by 11.3%.

The monthly increase was the highest in accommodation and food services (by 8.2%).