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Fibre-optic network project launched in Goričko

Šalovci, 09 May (STA) - Nine municipalities in Goričko, in rural eastern Slovenia, will get a fibre-optic network under the Rune Network project, which aims to provide ultra-fast fibre-optic broadband infrastructure in Slovenia's rural areas. In Goričko, a 203-kilometre network of fibre-optic cables will be built for almost 6,000 connections.

The project was launched a few days ago with a joint meeting of several mayors, designers and contractors. A detailed timetable will be drawn up by the end of this month, with construction expected to start before the summer.

The company behind the project, Rune Enia, said that some users will be able to connect to the new network next year.

The Rune project is dedicated to building a fibre-optic network in grey spots for users who live in settlements with fewer than a thousand addresses.

Infrastructure will also be built in white spots, where connections are as yet unavailable or unstable. The contractor will be Runetec, a company that is already building fibre-optic infrastructure in several rural areas of Slovenia.

According to Šalovci Mayor Iztok Fartek, who is also coordinating the construction in Goričko, every household will get the opportunity to connect to the network, which will make their lives easier. The connection setup and internal wiring for the 10-gigabit network will cost EUR 150, which can also be paid for by the operator of the customer's choice.

The Goričko part of the Rune Network project will cover the municipalities of Cankova, Grad, Hodoš, Kuzma, Moravske Toplice, Puconci, Rogašovci, Šalovci and Tišina.

The construction of fibre-optic networks in rural Slovenia is being carried out on a project-by-project basis, each covering a specific area or municipality, with Rune Enia's total investment so far amounting to EUR 191 million.