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Electronic consignment note demonstrated in practice in a pilot project

Maribor, 17 November (STA) - A lorry successfully carried goods from Maribor to Istanbul based on an electronic consignment note (e-CMR) last week in a pilot project run by Slovenia that is seen as a key step in digitalisation of transport of goods by road.

The project, which demonstrated the use of e-CMR in practice, was completed by the Ministry of Infrastructure in cooperation with partners and oversight authorities.

In a press release on Tuesday, the ministry noted that the first ever electronic consignment note transport had been carried out to Croatia in February 2019, but in a limited scope because unlike Turkey Croatia is yet to sign the Additional Protocol to the Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road (CMR) concerning the Electronic Consignment Note.

Moreover, at the time only the Financial Administration (FURS) was involved as an oversight body, while this time it was joined by the police and the Infrastructure Inspectorate, along with the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Logistic Association.

The consignment was dispatched last Wednesday as a consignment note was issued at the port of loading in Maribor where the FURS and the inspectorate presented electronic oversight of the document's use.

A mobile FURS unit demonstrated a new check at the Gruškovje border crossing with police being acquainted with the new procedure before the lorry resumed on its way to Istanbul, where the transport was successfully completed in a paperless form on Friday.

"This is an exceptionally important step in digitalisation of road transport. The use of electronic documents is especially important during the Covid-19 pandemic because it allows completely contactless handling," the ministry said.

They say that it will speed up administrative procedures, increase transparency, allow better oversight, real-time monitoring, as well as allow hauliers to reduce costs, limit errors and speed up invoicing.

"Slovenia is proud to be among the more active countries when it comes to demonstrating the use of the electronic consignment note in practice. Based on experience with this transport we will try to carry out similar transports with other countries in the future," said the ministry.