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Bia Separations expanding production, including to US

Ajdovščina, 13 February (STA) - Bia Separations, a world leader in the development of purification processes for biologics, in particular for gene therapy, is launching a EUR 6 million investment into expansion of its production facilities in Ajdovščina in March. Major investments are also planned in the US and Canada.

The facilities in Ajdovščina will be five times bigger after the EUR 6 million investment, which will be funded entirely from the company's surplus.

"We will introduce second-generation production lines and the possibility of making products of larger volume. We are creating about 100 new jobs," said CEO Aleš Štrancar about the plans for Ajdovščina.

Construction work is to be completed at the beginning of next year.

The company also plans to build production facilities in its most important market, North America, where Bia Separations has been recording high demand.

The construction of the facility, which will be three- to four-times bigger than the new, expanded facility in Ajdovščina, is expected to start in 2022 and conclude by the end of 2023.

According to Štrancar, the company generates 80% of revenue in North America. "Buyers expect our production of the key products they use in their production of medicines and vaccines to be as close to them as possible and not depend on the extremely unpredictable business environment and the increasingly uncertain transport routes," he said.

The management presented the plans for expansion into North America in detail to US Ambassador to Slovenia Lynda C. Blanchard on Wednesday.

The ambassador invited the company to get in touch with US institutions and offered the Embassy's help in the strengthening and expanding of its presence on the US market.

Last year, Bia Separations completed court-mandated debt-restructuring early and its revenue doubled to EUR 12 million. The plan for this year is EUR 25 million in revenue.