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2020 a boom year for mutual funds

Ljubljana, 17 February (STA) - Slovenian mutual funds had a bumper 2020, as inflows exceeded payouts by almost EUR 150 million, the highest figure since 2007, according to figures by Vzajemci, a mutual funds consultancy.

The number of individual investors increased by over 10,000 to 466,283 and Slovenian mutual fund managers had EUR 3,235 assets under management at the end of the year.

After a period of rapid consolidation, there are now five management firms in Slovenia managing 81 mutual funds.

Vzajemci analysts expect a similar trend to persist or even accelerate this year due to zero or even negative interest rates on bank savings.

Figures from business daily Finance bear this out as inflows exceeded payouts by over EUR 43 million in January alone, the highest figure since December 2007.