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Štajerska offering its flavours under new brand

Maribor, 17 January (STA) - The eastern Slovenian region of Štajerska is typically not among the top destinations for tourists. In the last few years things have been changing, however, and another step to making the region more attractive was made on Friday as over 70 providers joined forces for the launch of a new brand called Flavors of Styria.

Flavors of Styria, available on the webpage, offer a variety of products, packages and experiences from the entire region that are potentially of interest to tourists, from adventure activities to culinary packages, active holidays and hiking tours.

Most products combine multiple providers. "Štajerska is not suitable for mass tourism, but it has highly developed rural tourism, wineries, ecological tourism, excellent local food and drink, and hospitality," said project leader Patricija Jankovič from the tourism agency Martura.

So far there have been few integrated packages, merely individual products. "The idea was to turn competitors into collaborators," she said.