Slovenia is a small country with an export oriented economy. In 2014, Slovenia's export competitiveness resulted  in record levels of exports and imports. Results prove that Slovenian companies are highly reliable and efficient suppliers and sub-contractors. Exports and private consumption will be the key drivers of economic recovery also in 2015 in 2016.


In 2014 Slovenian economy exported for 28,544 mio EUR and imported for 25,599 mio EUR of goods and services. Exports accounted for 76.5% of the country’s GDP. More than three-quarters of trade was with EU member states: 77% of all exports and 78.3% of all imports.


Market share increased for the third year in succession for the majority of Slovenia's main markets, especially in the EU. Slovenia’s main exporting partners in 2014 were Germany, Italy, Austria, Croatia and France while the main exported product groups were road vehicles, medical and pharmaceutical products, electrical machinery and appliances, industrial machinery, metals, and iron and steel. In the same year Slovenia’s largest exporters were Krka (pharmaceuticals), Gorenje (home appliances), Lek (pharmaceuticls), Revoz (automotive) and SIJ Group (raw steel and steel products).


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The biggest share of imports in 2014 represented goods from the group of road vehicles, followed by petroleum and petroleum products and electrical machinery, while the majority of products were imported from  Germany, Italy and Austria.


Sources: Institute for Macroeconomic Analysis and Development, Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia, Bank of Slovenia, 2015

Top 20 Slovenian exporters in 2015


Top 20 Slovenian exporters in 2015 (in EUR 000)


Share of exports (%)

Total exports Exports to EU

Exports to other countries in Europe

Exports to third markets

Krka Group931,084,722661,610348,43274,680
Gorenje Group861,049,039671,101272,113105,825
Lek Group961,021,991442,927110,589468,402
SIJ Group87580,439429,97254,38796,080
Impol Group95520,000455,00045,00020,000
Kolektor Group83282,363181,47626,69374,195
Talum Group75246,812204,50942,3030
LTH Castings100202,700198,7005003,500
Hidria Group90194,000174,0005,00015,000
Boxmark Leather99148,448145,77602,672
Cinkarna Celje87147,000113,00020,00014,000
Količevo karton91136,427108,26724,3413,820
Droga Kolinska67111,15718,96659,65332,537
Papirnica Vevče9694,79684,2731,6598,863
Eti 9392,41367,74314,8899,780
Danfoss Trata9492,01690,3121,286418

Source: Newspaper Delo, 2016